If you are a GATE aspirant, then it’s high time that you start your preparations. Every years thousands of students and professionals appear for this examination, but only a hardworking few pass the test. But if you are aiming at cracking GATE this year, here we have some help for you.
Although it is said, hard word has no substitute; the truth is smart work is way more effective than that. So, work smart and add some interesting apps to you GATE preparations.
Here are some must have apps for any GATE aspirant:

    1. GATE (ME & PI): This app is particularly helpful for Mechanical Engineering and Production Engineering students. The app features all previous years question papers for both the subjects. You can get the detailed analysed solutions within the app. You can also solve the question papers to check your preparedness. Once you submit the solved question paper, the app will give you your scores. This way you’ll understand how much you are prepared for the exam. You can download the app from Google Play Store for free.


    1. GATE Solved Papers: This app features solved question papers for last 10 years. Not only the app gives you over 1000 exam questions and their solutions; the app gives question papers for various branches such as Mechanical Engineering (ME), Electronics and Communication Engineering (EC), Electrical Engineering (EE), Computer Science and Information Technology (CS), Civil Engineering (CE), Chemical Engineering(CH), Biotechnology (BT), Instrumentation Engineering (IN), Mining Engineering (MN). The app also features syllabus, schedule and brochure for GATE 2016. Not only subject questions, the app also features a vast number of aptitude tests for your practice.


    1. GATE (Maths + Aptitude): Maths and Aptitude are the toughest to crack subjects for GATE. While many examinees do fairly well in their subjects, they fair poorly in these two fields. With the help of this app you can improve your Maths and Aptitude to a great extent. There are various test papers for you to practice on. Once finished you can click on the review button and you’ll get your test scores in front of you. Apart from the questions and answers, the app features syllabus for GATE too. You can download this app from Google Play Store for no cost at all.


    1. GATE Made Easy: This app offers customise learning materials for various graduate and post graduate applicants. The rich learning contents for various graduate level engineering courses are apt for GATE preparations. Apart from a treasure trove of learning materials, the app also features a number of multiple choice tests to access your preparedness. The app enables you to read on the go, take tests and do much more to prepare for GATE. You can download the app for free of cost here.


  1. GATE: IES: RRB 2016: This awesome app provides full learning support for Mechanical Engineering (ME), Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE), Electrical Engineering (EE), Civil Engineering (CE) students. Apart from study materials the app also offers previous years’ solved question papers, test papers, Daily update on general knowledge and current affairs etc. The app facilitates discussions with peer groups across social media platforms. The app features PSU job alerts too for the benefits of the students. Inspiring and motivating interviews of various year toppers are bonus advantage here. You can download the app from Google Play Store for free of cost.

So, these are the 5 must have apps for any GATE aspirant this year. If you find this article useful, do share it with your friends. Also feel free to add any app that you think is a must have for GATE aspirants.

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