How to Convert Torrent into Direct Download?

How does Torrent Work?

A copy of the file is derived from the originating server (seed) which is available to a vast number of users to download. The file is then split up into bits of lumps. Each client works as both the seed and the leech for a torrent which means each of those clients upload their  lump of the file to other clients while simultaneously downloading bits of the file they don’t have from others.

[highlight ]The shortcoming of this process is that too many leeches get attached to a single peer, meaning the transfer rate gets diminished while providing the lumps of file to too many clients resulting in hindrance for other patrons trying to download the same file.[/highlight]

[highlight ] To counter this short coming, we can convert the torrent into a direct download link, so as to help ourselves save most of the time waiting for proper online seeds.[/highlight] What happens is when we convert a file through a website, the file is downloaded on the website’s server and then we are provided with the direct link of the file hosted from their servers.

Why convert Torrent into Direct Download?

1. The health of the torrent (no. of online seeds) becomes an unimportant factor.

2. Speed is comparatively faster, no matter how less the seeds are. 1 to 10 seeds will get the deal done.

3. No need of any torrent downloading client.

4. Conversion of torrent into a direct download enables you to download the file in your mobiles too.

5. You can store the torrent into a cloud storage to download it later.

Why use Internet Download Manager (IDM)?

1. It divides the file downloads into multiple streams of chunks for faster downloading.

2. Queue processing to schedule downloads.

3. Batch downloading

4. Supported Protocols: HTTP, MMS, FTP, HTTPS and Microsoft ISA.

5. Resuming ability for the download.

Some famous websites providing torrent for direct conversion:


1. Sign up for a free or paid FileStream account.

2. Paste the torrent link or magnet link of the desired file, or upload the torrent file from your computer.


3. Click on ‘download ‘.

4. After that, the website will cache the file into their servers and provide a direct link for you. When the caching is done do this:


5. The size of the file you can download is dependent on the type of user you are, ‘Premium’ or ‘Free’.

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1. Paste the torrent link or magnet link of the desired file, or upload the torrent file from your computer on the very first page that appears and then hit ‘Go’.

2. A pop up will appear to select your choice for a free or a premium download.


If you chose free, you’ll be able to download a single file at a time; that too less than or equal to 1 GB. For Premium selection, there are specified packages.

3. Your file be downloaded on their servers, for you to download.


4. Press download.

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1. Some torrent websites support store in pCloud feature, so it’s for those sites only. While downloading the torrent if an option like “store on pcloud” appears, click on it.

2. You will be redirected to pCloud to Sign up for an account on the site. Then, you will be automatically redirected to a page which will ask you if you want to store the file.


3. Then go to Files, select the file that needs to be downloaded and click on “download”.
4. If you want more services, become a premium user or act smart and make more than one free account.

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1. Sign up with a social networking site.

2. Go to my files, click new and either upload the torrent file or paste magnet link and then click download.


3. Download the file via IDM.