Crushing all the stuff that can be crushed with a hydraulic press

Things getting crushed by hydraulic press may be one the most interesting thing you are going to watch and watching at ultra-slow speed cameras will be something that will just blow your mind, so just fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a fascinating ride.


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It is equipment which is used to all the heavy lifting stuff and exerting immense pressure depends on the application and what makes it popular it uses pascal’s principle, in layman language we can say that by applying comparatively a small amount of force we can get all the heavy work done.




Crushing Whatever left in Toothpaste and Ketchup bottle with a hydraulic press

It is one hell of a struggle to use toothpaste and ketchup to its full potential, so let’s just hydraulic press do the hard work for you…


Crushing LED and bulb with Hydraulic press

Let’s check out how amusing it can be crush light bulb when you can yourself see at 1000 frames per second how light itself is gonna take shape for a few milli-seconds. Check it out…


Whether bearing ball be able to stand against mighty hydraulic press

Let’s check out who will be gonna win this fight…

Diamond going against hydraulic press

Putting foam under hydraulic press

Now for the finale let’s try some spongy objects rather than taking taking solid mighty objects…




Credits for Videos : Hydraulic Press Channel