Finding Dory : A Cute Spectacle of Love and Support

Finding Dory though isn't as great as Finding Nemo, it'll still live on in your favorite list of Animation.
Adorable Characters
Innovative and unpredictable Plot
Immense Emotional Experience
Reused Background Score
Some preposterous sequence
Quality Animation

It’s only through the animation movies we truly get to live impossible lives.


Living in an era where finally animation movies are given as much appreciation as movies of any other genre has a lot of perks. A Lot of film makers are coming forward with their imagination and most of the audience are agreeing and relating with their idea. Sky is the limit for imagination of animated movies, as we rightly get to leave logic behind and embrace ourselves into something mind-boggling.


gawk dory


Only the 90’s kids know the importance of a sequel for Finding Nemo. After 13 years of patience and endurance, Pixar has finally brought a sequel we always wanted. It’s obvious that once we grow up we drain the love we had for movies in our childhood, but Pixar studio have this unique capability of holding on to their audience. Such is the case of Finding Dory.


[divider]The Story[/divider]


After hearing the title ‘Finding Dory’, the audience were dissuaded thinking it will be the same as Finding Nemo where instead of Nemo, Dory is to be found. But much to our surprise the story is completely different. Finding Dory is a story that proceeds from where Finding Nemo left us. Nemo(A Clown Fish) has been rescued from humans and Dory( A Blue Tang Fish) having no family is living with Nemo and his father Marlin. It gives a brief look at the prequel and some other convenient info for us and people who haven’t watched Finding Nemo to catch up to the proceeding story. Dory just out the blue discovers that she must be having a family of her own  and begins an expedition to find them.


destiny gawk


Dory suffering from short term memory loss starts remembering little breadcrumbs of memories and by clinging on those memories she begins her journey to find her family. On her quest she makes a companion, Hank(An Octopus) and finds her old friend Destiny(A whale Shark). These friends guide her in her pursuit and portray a remarkable act of Friendship. The rest of the story is if and how does Dory finds her parents.


[divider]The Review[/divider]


One of the greatest aspects of a Pixar movie is the magnitude of friendship consolidated in it. Same is the estate of Finding Dory, it has a great deal  of friendship and trust assimilated in it. Almost every character befriends every other character which crosses its path. Every character goes to crazy extents to save and help their friends. The nature of fish killing each other that we generally know is effectively ignored in this movie, I don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad but it teaches a tremendous lesson of love and harmony, kind of which was evident in a similar movie ‘Zootopia’.



It will either leave you all teary and sad or happy and smiling through out the movie, such is the power of Finding Dory. I remember smiling for most of the movie because of the sheer amount of adorable and cute characters with pure and innocent essence bestowed up on me. The spectacle of Fish, Birds and Mammals standing by each other is both inspiring and tranquilizing. With radiant and brilliant voice overs by Ellen DeGeneres(Dory), Albert Brook(Marlin), Ed O’Neill(Hank) and Kaitlin Olson(Destiny) makes our bond with movie even stronger.



All in all Finding Dory wasn’t a failed or unnecessary attempt to gain revenue, it seems the creators actually had a story to tell which they did splendidly. It isn’t as good as Finding Nemo, but still gives us a satisfying story for us to hold on. If another sequel of this Cinematic universe is to come, I’m on board, hope you are too.