Festive season is around the corner, and markets are full of tempting offers and offers cover all the segments ranging from automobile sector to home appliances and almost all the daily use products. Talking of home appliances and other electronic products, what we consider a key point while making a purchase is Star Energy Efficiency Ratings and we treat all other factors as secondary giving priority to these ratings because not only it saves money but at the same time, it also helps us to conserve electricity so we are able to contribute in one or another way in development of the nation.


What is Star Energy Efficiency Rating?


Star Energy Efficiency Rating can be called as a scale which helps consumers to single out energy efficient products which are having an upper hand over their adversaries in terms of performance without going in much details.

It is an illustrative marking system which involves rating the product from 1-star to 5-star. An electronic product with 5-star will save more energy as compared to the product with lower Star Energy Efficiency Ratings.


Credits : Powerelectronics.com

Credits : Powerelectronics.com


Is Star Energy Efficiency Rating a good and unbiased scale?


Company doesn’t rate their products as they wish to, Star Energy Efficiency Rating is an unbiased scale developed by Bureau of Energy Efficiency to make our shopping easy and time-saving for customers. Therefore, product should meet the requirements set for the desired Star Rating.


Energy Efficiency is directly proportional to Price


Everything in this world comes at a price, same goes with the Star Energy Efficiency Rating. Product with higher star rating has a higher price tag as compared to a lower star rating product. Extra price that we pay can be considered as a one time investment because with the time, it will use less power which will in turn dwindle one’s electricity bills.


Credits : Theredish.com

Credits : Theredish.com


In a nutshell, we can say that the Star Energy Efficiency Rating is unquestionably an influential factor while making a purchase; not only during festive season but all year round. Bringing a better star rating product is not only beneficial for the environment but for your pocket also; so make a good decision and enjoy this festive season.

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