Ahmad Chalabi is considered as a man who deceived the Bush administration about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and largely seen as the one who convinced the war machine, United States of America to invade Iraq. If we take a good look at the history, it is clear that the birth of ISIS was one of the major after-effects of Iraq war.

Chalabi was earlier a banker who failed professionally and was accused of international financial fraud within the 80s. After that, he managed to become one of the most prominent and active rivals of the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussien and came close to CIA officials who used to call him as Pulsar 1 and for the followers he was “The Boss” or “The Doctor”.

Chalabi passed away at the age of 71, on Tuesday because of heart failure after surviving a major assassination attempt in the year 2008 by an suicide bomber after which he went under the umbrella of Moktada al-Sadr the radical Shiite leader


Credits : Socialistpartyni.net

Credits : Socialistpartyni.net


Chalabi was born with a silverspoon in the year 1944, in one of the richest clans of Iraq under the monarchy; although country’s financial and social condition was pathetic. Golden era for Chalabi came to an end when Army overthrew monarchy in 1958, and his family was exiled from their home. The whole coup is said to be set up by the Britishers and Americans in order to end the communist rule all over the world.

CIA recruited him as an agent in Iraq in the 1990s with an objective to form Iraqi National Congress, and from there Chalabi drew millions of dollars in the name of formation of Iraqi National Congress. He was an opportunist and he used 9/11 very smartly to trigger Iraq war.

After the war ended, he continuously tried to gain power but never succeeded and always stayed alive in politics by forming alliances with the people in power.




Rise of ISIS was because of the prejudiced policies that empowered Shiites and oppressing Sunnis, tyrannizing them enough to form one of the most chaotic terrorist organisation. Chalabi also played a major role in deepening these sectarian divides and ripping apart his country, when everyone thought what could be worse than the present condition.

After all that has been done, good or bad; he would still be remembered as the mastermind who influenced the world’s superpower to achieve his personal ambitions.

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