Game of Thrones has shown the world that Television can not only compete but excel against the finest epics ever crafted.


After watching this bizarre of a season of Game of Thrones one thing has become clear to my mind that “First impression is not the last impression”. I remember me sitting on my couch watching episode one and saw Doran Martell, Trystane Martell and Aero Hotah Killed. I just threw the pillow at the LED and shouted “What the faaaa****, Kingslayer, Daughterfu*****s, Bastar***, Bloddy D&D”. I mean nobody, seriously nobody changes the story line to that extent (Even Peter Jackson couldn’t do that with LOTR, tough he changed a lot of things). Looks like D&D threw the books out of the window, which is a fact and I was certain of it when I saw the dead body of Barristan Selmy and Jorah Mornmont getting “Greyscale”.

In the first few episodes I was destroyed seeing my favourite turning to dust. Even Arthur Dayne couldn’t give me what I needed but I continued watching looking for something, a purpose to live another day for it. Then the day of reckoning came and Episode 9th came, I was like finally! Then Episode 10 stuck the final nail in the coffin. So yes, it didn’t suck big time. You hearing D&D? Last two episodes covered for your plunders.


First impression is not the last impression


Lets Walkthrough


Welcome Jon Snow back in the messy world

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We owe you. Now get some clothes.

game of thrones gg76


Dornish Plot

game of thrones gg72 game of thrones gg71


Jorah Mormont bragging his newly acquired Greyscales

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A day at a seacoast with No One

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Brotherhood Without Banners

got gg78w


The Fool of Riverrun

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Mi’lady, she is watching over us all

got gg78


Brynden Tully A.K.A The Blackfish

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Don’t do that Brienne

got gg785465


Samwell Tarly at the Citadel

got gg75


Okay sorry! I will show better photos now

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The War



A walk beyond the Wall



Hold the Door

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and the Sparrow flew away

got gg7


The Bastard sends his regards?

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You reap what you sow Lord Bolton.

He never wasted good meat, Never!

got gg785


Aerys II Targaryen A.K.A The Mad King

got gg89


The King in the North

got gg72 game of thrones gg9


Blood of Dragon?

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Tyrion Lannister, I name you the hand of the Queen :’)

got gg76

Khaleesi is Coming


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Now that the makers have left the books behind and taken over the narrative. We can only prepare ourselves for the worst and hope for the best for the wars to come
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