We’ve all been there, our expectation going sky high for a forthcoming and attractive feature film, followed by a complete outbursts and disappointments. The film industry has a genuine track record of misleading the masses to the theaters by cheap tricks and promotions. Don’t believe me ? Try to remember and consider 50 Shades of Grey, The Twilight Saga , The Amazing Spider Man duology, Hancock, Housefull, Happy New year etc. The production houses know their game of intimidating and making the audience interested in their product . The cinema audience have an awful tendency of dropping their guards and becoming  defenseless against marketing strategies.

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Fascinating Visual Effects, Action, Film Star trump ,Sex and rumors etc leave the audience with no choice but to have a peek of what the whole fuss centered around the movie is all about. Then again the history repeats itself over and over again with the most obvious cliché possible which is bad movies making good money leaving the audience in a bit of perplex  situation making them wonder ‘how could a rubbish movie managed to steal away so much money

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So here we are at the rescue, depriving you from all the dilemmas of choosing a movie to watch and building your guard against lousy movie . Follow our 90% working guidelines and your movie taste might possibly improve for good.

Know your needs(Genres)

First things first decide or make a preference list of genres you need to pursue. Drama, Suspense, Thrillers , Biopic and most importantly animation  will surely do the job of intriguing and fulfilling your interests of entertainment, sometimes Science Fictions might also work for you in mysterious ways , but avoid horror, sex comedies and romantic comedies as much as you can , they are just false advertising and are mostly poor at intellect.

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The reason why Animation movies are mentioned as the most important because they actually are. Animation movies defies the aspect of reality and lets the imagination of both the creator and admires go wild. It’s a genre which leaves room for guilt free entertainment and it’s ok to not use the brain for most of the time . Not using your brain in this case isn’t a bad or immoral mind set, animation movies are only made to serve the purpose of poking the child inside you and make him happy, you can’t do that while using your brain.

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Animation has a record of not disappointing the audience for example Frozen, Tangled,Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs,The Lion King etc

gawk upDrama and Thrillers are also the best genres but their success rate is comparatively  very less than Animation, as they need to make a great and impressive first impression where animation just needs to break through hearts

Do your Research about ratings

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We all are pretentious and skeptical in the case of ratings and reviews .Don’t go for any popular intermediate which is followed by many or is universal , the chances are those reviews or ratings are partial or just a farce for promotion. Find out a  medium or critique whose thoughts, ratings and opinions is compatible and matches with yours. IMDB , Rotten tomatoes, IGN are few suggested internet initiative for movie reviews  and chances are you might not agree with their ratings, so find someone or something congruent to your beliefs and taste , it could be a celebrity or your peers anything .

Track Records of Directors, Writers, Screenplay Writers and Film Studios

Directors are the most prominent aspect to look for before watching a movie for example Steven Speilberg,Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese , Anurag Kashyap , Guru Dutt, Satyajeet Ray have a record of making brilliant movies throughout their careers apart from some failures . When You are absolutely unsure about a movie trailer or preview look for it’s director , take a leap of faith in him/her and then decide .

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Michael Bay

Another question that arises is that what if the director is new and without experience ? The secondary aspect that should be considered is the writer. Doesn’t matter if the movies is low budgeted or with less scopes , the writer has all the super powers of healing the wounds and filling the gaps in the narrative.

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It also happens most of the time when a movie is adapted out of a best seller novel or a comic or  an already successful movie , eventually fails on the context of screenplay and movie adaptation, for that you need a better screenplay writer . Screenplay writers like Danny Boyle , Jonathan Nolan, Wes Anderson, Francis Ford Copolla etc made a huge contribution in the frame and screen play and forging the quality of the movies they are associated with .

Coming to studios, most of them are tad bit skeptical about investing their money or resources on a project that has no potential for eg Paramount Pictures and Warner Brothers entertainment, so they mostly invests in an interesting movie

The name of the movie means something

William Shakespeare quoted “what’s there in name ” , to which we think there’s everything. You can judge a movie by it’s name, the more sophisticated title of the movie the more intellectually advanced the movie will be for example Inception, Pulp fiction , Interstellar, The Departed, Minority Report, Saving Private Ryan etc.

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It’s just a an original theory supported by precise and consistent analysis that the intellectual content and score of a movie directly depends upon its name. It’s not applicable for all the cases, but up to 80% of the lousiest movies in India and all around the world have ridiculous names like 8 x 10 Tasveer, Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani, Phata Poster Nikla Hero, Main Tera Hero, Aap Ka Suroor I Know What You did last summer , Quantum Of Solace You don’ mess with the Zohan, 2 Fast 2 Furious etc. Where as the best movies have really smart and subtle names like 3 Idiots, Gangs of Wasseypur, Pyaasa, Black Friday, etc. Somewhere deep down  the name of the movie signifies the intuition and mind set  of the film makers. If you come across a movie with an absurd name, think of this theory before you do watch it.

The Actors

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It might sound strange but it works , the actors must have a limited influence over your movie choices. Many actors have the aptitude and sight of differentiating between and good and bad movies and most of the actors don’t have such aptitude and only play their part for money. Actors like Tom Hanks, Christian Bale , Robert Di Niro, Sean Penn, Clint Eastwood, Denzel Washington, Amitabh Bachchan , Aamir Khan, Irfan Khan , Nasseer -Ud-Din Shah , Nawazuddin Siddiqui etc have been a part of some of the best movies out there .

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Actors like Will Smith, Shah Rukh Khan , Salman Khan, Nicholas Cage, Ashton Kutcher, Gerard Butler might have helped in movie’s collection but they have the least numbers of movies that made absolute sense .

So wisely follow these conventions , choose a movie that makes sense or at least makes you happy and discover the better cinematic universe


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