The Flash blink and miss events: Speed Force vision

Aren’t gonna miss” My name is Flash and i’m the fastest man alive” .Ever since the Flash had it’s finale on 19th May, it left the fandom and audience in a bit of cliff hanger situation. The episode was loaded with both mind blowing and sentimental scenes, Barry standing by the death of his mother and also bidding her farewell was one of the most moving scenes in the entire series .In the end we see  a wormhole consuming the city and the Flash making a run for it.

gawk flash 1

But did we miss something important ? We did see something peculiar when Flash is trying to break the time barrier and goes Mach II and other events , some strange fragments of glimpses of both the past and the future(speed force vision). Take a look at what should we make of them , here’s our interpretation.

Joe and Barry from the past

gawk flash 2

Clearly it’s post Barry’s mom’s Murder, Joe says “He’s going to be staying with us for a while” . It gives us the glimpse of Barry finding a new father figure in his life when his mother got murdered and his real father imprisoned for it. It’s very thoughtful to feel that this glimpse is nothing but an emotional adornment in an intense scene, may be this glimpse pushes Barry even harder to break the time barrier to prevent the death of his mom .

Caitlin as the Killer Frost

gawk killer frost

Yes you heard it right ,when just about we heard that Cisco might also be affected by the particle accelerator anomaly cause he’s having fragments of  visions from a reality reset by Barry, we see Caitlin in a Meta-human look. It’s a blink and miss scene too hard to even recognize Caitlin in all the make up and freaky attire. Talking about her character Killer Frost is an alter ego of Caitlin possibly the bad ass face of her apart from her cute , sweet and friendly aspect. Killer Frost has some indirect connections to H.I.V.E., an organization that has been repeatedly mentioned and referenced in Arrow, and a place where Firestorm is closely associated , also in the comics Felicity Smoak is the step mother of Firestorm. Besides Ronnie(Firestorm ) and Caitlin(Future Killer Frost ) are lovers and a married couple currently, doesn’t it makes sense that they have opposite forces of snow against fire (Ice and Fire).

The Flash Museum

gawk flash museum

This glimpse got that fans most excited, may be it’s a tribute to all those who have been the Flash . In the comics it has been moved form Central City to Keystone City and destroyed many times and rebuild when while Barry Allen and Wally West were had the responsibility , Hunter Zolomon was one of them who destroyed some of these museums. It could simply be a memorial to Barry Allen or Jay Garrick and all other speedster speculated to be introduced in the future.

Barry In Jail

gawk jail barry

At this glance we see Barry in hand cuffs and jail jumpsuits, if we look closely Barry looks mature , so it’s obvious that it’s gonna happen in the future but how long in the future is still a mystery and the reason for Barry landing himself in the prison is another puzzle. What’s more puzzling is how a Super or Meta-human like Barry is even doing in Iron Heights , he with his powers could easily break free from Iron Heights , so that leaves us with two different outlooks. Either Barry has lost his power and got himself into trouble or he actually committed a crime he’s guilty for and willingly or deliberately doing jail time for, or it could be an alternate universe we can’t be so sure

Legends of Tomorrow Easter Eggs

gawk legends of tomorrow

Barry spots Legends of tomorrow in his visions right after Wells/ Thawne motivates him to concentrate on the things he need to alter. We see Barry , The Atom , Captain cold and supposedly dead White Canary, imagine the looks on your faces if CW hadn’t released the trailer of Legends of Tomorrow a week earlier and broke  down how Sara lance might survive . It could be the show promotion or just another break through in the story build up in the DC universe we apparently know.

Barry’s childhood memory followed by his mother’s death

gawk flash 4

As Thawne /Wells suggested Barry to concentrate, Barry tries to remember the time of his mother death but before that he sees his younger self being tucked into bed by his father, this visions was short lived and followed by his mother trapped in the circle of two speedsters charging at each other .It’s the final piece of the puzzle of the show , how and why did Barry’s mom got killed and Barry was transported to a place very far from his home .

gawk flash 5

Helmet coming out of the Worm Hole

gawk jay garrick

According to speculations arisen by comics facts that helmet belongs to The first or the original Flash introduced in 1940s. Jay Garrick was the first Flash ever, to whom this helmet belongs to . When Thawne sees the Helmet coming through the hole he obviously recognizes it, gets excited . Either Jay Garrick is hunting down Eobard Thawne as he’s the bad guys we know , or Thawne is hunting all the speedsters he know of, kinda like he wanted to kill Barry Allen.

[alert type=green ]Questions and confusions are infinite but answers and conclusions are limited , lets see what Dc and the CW network have in store for us for the future [/alert]