Intel, Google and Tag Heuer Team up for ultimate SmartWatch

[dropcap size=small]N[/dropcap]ow-a-days wearable tech market is one of the fastest growing markets, every tech giant is jumping in the league of Smartwatch manufacturing. It seems that in the near future, Smartphones will be replaced by Smartwatches. New Giants on the list are Intel and Google who have teamed up with the luxury watchmaker, Tag Heuer to build a Smartwatch that would be unparallel when it comes to the software and as it has got the name of Tag Heuer, no compromises will be there in case of appearances.

Apple has launched its latest smartwatch whose looks are ordinary and software is quite good. Apple is going to get very tough competition from this new adversary which would be great in segment of software and presentation also. [highlight color=#8B7D6B ]Traditional components of watch would be manufactured by Tag Heuer, internal components such as chips and motherboard would be taken care by Intel and software and apps will come courtesy of Google[/highlight], and amassing them would result in an astounding Timepiece.


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Since the advent of Apple Smartwatch, many Swiss companies such as Swatch, Montblanc and Brietling have begun manufacturing advanced smartwatches rather than some kind of traditional watch, adding various kinds of sensors that can detect your heartbeat, fitness trackers, messaging and many other features to appeal to the technology savvy consumers.

[highlight color=#8B7D6B ]This isn’t the first time Tag Heuer is trying their hands at something like this, they did launch a mobile phone in year 2008 called Meridiist.[/highlight]

Expectations from the Tag team are very high as they the are leaders in their fields and have more than enough resources to blend them to launch a Smartwatch that could be called as [highlight color=#8B7D6B ]the ultimate Smartwatch[/highlight].


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