Mad Max: The best thing this summer

George Miller is back with a bang . Ever since he brought the post apocalyptic mad show into the world every one has been begging for more . The pleadings finally have been answered with Mad Max Fury Road. If you never cared  much for action movies read ahead , may be it could persuade you to give Mad Max a chance and make you rise in love with action .

First of all, most probably the whole world was a tad bit skeptical about the intellect and maturity of the movie. I mean going by the trailer it sufficed the title of the  movie ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, creepy guys all over, with a sprinkle of hot babes and load and loads of dynamic action and VFX. Well the movie is as furious and spectacular  as advertised.

Apart from a guy playing a flame throwing electric guitar in the most serious and off the edge situation , the whole narrative of the story doesn’t look stupid as expected . The movie doesn’t need to make sense as it’s a guilt pleasure, but even if the script does matter it doesn’t disappoints. The movie is based in time of post apocalypse, where creatures will do almost anything to survive, and mostly are willing to kill for water and gasoline. A rugged girl of a renegade sorts named Furiosa advances a crusade to rescue 4-5 innocent girls and also joins forces with a Max, and fights against all odds to take those girls to safety

It’s like for the first time in forever a movie with such a giant scale and awesome action is witnessed . Trust me when I say that Mad Max :Fury Road makes The Fast and Furious franchise look like a child’s play regarding both automobiles and action .

With severe improvements in his crafts George Miller has brought mad joy ride into the theaters , with cars flying right at you women kicking butts and some seriously intimidating protagonist and antagonists .  The pace and screenplay of the movie hardly gives you anytime to breathe , right from the starting 10 mins the movie initiates it’s intent, it serves your adrenaline needs throughout it’s run time.

Talking about the actors and characters  this movie has bulk of weird characters apart from Max and Furiosa. Tom hardy plays the  the role of  Max subliminally , but  Charlize Theron is born to play Furiosa , never it has occurred that a beautiful and graceful actress like Charlize could play a bald and non glamorous tom boy character and still be pleasant to eyes .

All in all Mad Max Fury Road as far yet is the best thing this summer with intriguing and thrilling action , gripping background score , charming and alluring sets and location and super vehicles.