How to identify Real Casio GShock 100CM from fake

Casio G-Shock is one of the toughest and rugged series on the Earth. With Industry leading design and high quality material, G-Shocks were first introduced in 1983 primarily for outdoors, military and sports. Casio G-Shock has set a benchmark for all other sports watchmakers around the world. But, some Chinese manufacturers are ruining the Brand name and Trust by selling Fake and Low-Quality Replicas in many countries. After reading this you will be able to identify Real Casio GShock 100CM from fake.


One can avoid him/herself from getting  a Fake one by performing a little authenticity check which are listed below:


[button color=”white” size=”big” alignment=”center” rel=”nofollow” openin=”samewindow” url=”#”]1. The Box[/button]


In many situations, the box says it all i.e. the Fake one comes only in an aluminium box whereas the original one comes in a cardboard box, inside it is a aluminium box. Well this may not completely verify the authenticity but it will surely give some relief to the buyer.


Note:-  The graphics on box may differ with different models and regions.


REAL                                                                        FAKE

Real Box Fake Box

[button color=”green” size=”big” alignment=”center” rel=”nofollow” openin=”samewindow” url=”#”]2. Instructions manual and Tag[/button]


The Instructions manual with the original one is a small booklet whereas with Fake Watches, it is a two Page Pamphlet, half written in Chinese. There is also a Tag given inside the box with a code which can be matched with the MRP sticker. Watch can also be verified by registering on Casio’s website.


REAL                                                                        FAKE

Gshock Real Book Gshock Fake Booklet


[button color=”grey” size=”big” alignment=”center” rel=”nofollow” openin=”samewindow” url=”#”]3. Watch Buckle[/button]


While the built quality on Fake one seems very close to the Real one but by looking at the watch Buckle, we can easily find the genuineness of watch. The Real one is very shiny and on the back side “CASIO CHINA” is written whereas in Fake one, the buckle has matte looking finish with “CASIO JAPAN” written on the back side.


Note:- Backside of the Buckle cannot be seen in the images.


REAL                                                                        FAKE

Gshock Real Buckle .1 Gshock Fake Buckel


[button color=”brown” size=”big” alignment=”center” rel=”nofollow” openin=”samewindow” url=”#”]4. The Back Plate and Screws[/button]


The Black Plate and Screws on the Real and Fake watch may look similar in images but there’s a difference. The real one is deeply engraved whereas in the Fake watch, this is not the case. In the original backplate, the model no. is written correctly that is “GA 100CM” whereas in the Replica it is written “CA 100CM”. Also the Screws on the Real watch are bigger than on Replica’s.


REAL                                                                        FAKE

Gshick Real Screws as


[button color=”blue” size=”big” alignment=”center” rel=”nofollow” openin=”samewindow” url=”#”]5. Watch Lights[/button]


The color of watch light is same but the intensity of it is different. In a Real watch, the light intensity is a lot less than on the Fake watch. The color temperature is also different.


REAL                                                                        FAKE

Gshock Real Light Gshock Fake Light


[button color=”yellow” size=”big” alignment=”center” rel=”nofollow” openin=”samewindow” url=”#”]6. Watch Hands[/button]


This might not be applicable on all G-Shocks as some variants have a single colored shiny hands but the variants with multi-colored hands can be tested. In the Genuine product, the ends of watch hands are painted with different colors, while on the Replicas, the central portion is painted with one color and rest of the the part with different color.


REAL                                                                        FAKE

gSHOCK real display Difference in real and Fake G - Shock-100CM Gshock Fake hand check


[button color=”black” size=”big” alignment=”center” rel=”nofollow” openin=”samewindow” url=”#”]7. Functioning[/button]


The Camouflage series features a reverse lit display and Fake Camouflage have normal displays. Other GA-100cm models may have normal display, so it is very difficult to find any difference between them. Here’s how REAL and FAKE watches look while functioning.


REAL                                                                        FAKE

Gshock Real Gawking geeks Gawking geeks G shock fake


[alert type=green ]It is very difficult to judge from the built quality in many replicas while some can be easily detected but that is not always the case. The Replica manufacturers are rectifying all the errors. So, in future some of these tests may become irrelevant. The most secure way is to buy from an authorized retailer.[/alert]


Thanks for the tip Nishant.