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Why should you choose Mobile Application Development in 2020?

It's the new normal

With mobile screens getting advanced and more accessible on our fingertips, Mobile Application Development is now an immediate upgrade to your skillset being a developer.

Major Mobile Platforms


mobile application development

Being the most prevalent mobile operating system at the moment, learning android development will get you ahead in your game. Android development is done using Android Studio and the code is written in JAVA. So the prior knowledge of Java is mostly required to develop android mobile applications


mobile application development

To develop iOS mobile application, one needs to work on the Swift Programming language, iOS is the most secure operating system so it restricts the attributes you can use to develop your apps. Being used on all the Apple devices, being an expert in Swift Programming could give a boost to your coding career.

Blackberry (Dead)

mobile application development

Since inception, Java was used to develop mobile applications for blackberry which is now changed to Widget SDK. Like iOS, Blackberry apps can only be operated on the blackberry platforms, unlike Android platforms.

Windows OS (Died a Gruesome Death)

mobile application development

Nokia released many smartphones with Windows OS, they were similar to Windows for PC in terms of UI, Applications, and accessibility. Microsoft claimed it to be the most secure mobile operating system as it was a closed platform restricting application developers to work on their terms.

Symbian (Dead and Decayed)

mobile application development

Mostly used by Nokia, Symbian was the easiest and user-friendly operating system back in time before the inception of Android. It allowed installing multiple applications at the same time by offering an interactive user experience.

Mobile Applications market

Mobile Application Market

  • According to reports, the mobile applications market is expected to grow at 18.4% from 2019 to 2026, which is a gigantic growth for a market that has already grown so much. The major reason for this development is the user buying more mobile phones with increasing storage capacity and internet speed
  • Companies working to promote its business should take note of this and pioneer in this field to develop more user-friendly mobile applications otherwise, cut-throat competition is not going to spare any company be it a small one or a big enterprise.

A career as a Mobile Application developer

Phone app development is booming with multiple career options, as more people are switching to mobile devices from their big Personal Computers, it’s the right time to learn mobile application development.

Required Skills


Basic programming languages like C and C++ are required to learn any advanced language to clear the basic hurdles. These languages are easy to learn and offer you great career-building opportunities in the longer run.

Analytical Skills

Problem-solving is the prominent skill required to troubleshoot the errors in your code and also to devise a plan to develop something new which is not available in the market. This skill makes you creative and helps establish your expertise in the market of mobile application development


It is a class-based, object-oriented programming language used to develop websites, software, and mobile applications. Prior knowledge of programming language like C++ could be a great help when learning JAVA for the first time. Java is the main driver in developing Android applications

Android Studio

All Android mobile applications are developed in a platform called Android Studio offered by Google itself, this closed platform lets you connect your Android device to perform live testing on the mobile phone. Expertise in Android Studio is the prominent requirement for getting hired as a mobile application developer.

Swift Programming

This language is mainly used to develop iOS applications, which is a niche arena to step in to. Apple is a giant in the market and you don’t want to stay away from its platform when launching your mobile application.

Graphic Designing

Knowledge of developing interesting and creative graphics helps to grow as a programmer as it makes you a full package who could handle the whole project on their own. Handling a big project requires versatile skills and you need to be expert in all of them

Mobile Applications for Corporates

Mobile Application Development Company

Every company is it a shopping platform, a news channel, or an entrainment portal all of them are developing the most advanced and user-friendly mobile applications, that too for every major platform like Android and iOS. To cater to the same needs they are hiring huge manpower with the skillsets of a Mobile Application Developer.

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Startups and Mobile Application Development

  • If you are running a small store, to showcase your presence in the market, a mobile application is a must to compete with giants. Mobile Application brings easy accessibility to the fingertips of your customers, which lets them order from your store quickly.
  • Additionally, it’s so easy to communicate about offers and new products. A mobile application is surely going to boost up your sales and presence in the market.

Bottom Line

  • We can’t imagine our lives without mobiles phones, these devices are fueled with applications developed by skilled developers.
  • If you are a developer, mobile application development is the most prominent skill to have as other platforms are slowly becoming obsolete in this fast-paced environment of ours.
  • If you are a business, start planning to develop new mobile applications to grab the market otherwise there are always new players to come and beat you in the same areas you have continuously climbed above all.