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What is really new in the all new Apple watch?

Apple is now on a revamp and update spree. It will be launching iOS 9 later this year and it has also announced the update to the Apple Watch. If you are someone who is fond of this beautiful masterpiece by Apple, then be ready to be amazed! Unlike its earlier version, this one is a bit more powerful and comes with many more new features. In the recently commenced Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple did give the highlights of the new features of Apple Watch. It’s called as WatchOS 2. It was a power-packed 2 hours and 30 minutes WWDC keynote and it was full of information for the new developments.


So come let me tell you what you can expect out of this new roll-out.


1. New Watch Faces


Apple WatchFace_gawkinggeeks


You can now use all the images/pics from your photo gallery to be seen on the dial of the watch. Every time you will raise your hand to see the watch screen, the image will change automatically.


2. Updated Watch Kit


Apple watchkit_gawkinggeeks


The updated WatchKit gives developers access to important hardware like Digital Crown, Watch’s in-built mic and speakers, accelerometer, Heart Rate Sensors and Taptic Engine. As shown in the Keynote, the video playback has been enabled as well with Vine. Volkswagen users can now get the feedback whether their car door is locked or not, and WeChat now gets the audio messaging feature with the help of microphone.

Apart from these two updated features, the other new features included in this newer version are:

  • Nightstand Mode: This turns the watch into a clock and the Digital Crown and the side button serves the purpose of snooze and alarm turn off buttons.
  • You can even check the charge left on your electric car; or if you are about to catch a flight, the watch will tell you the details of the flight such as the time of Arrival and whether it is the right time for you to leave.



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  • The new Time Travel feature allows you to go ahead of current time or go back. Literally? No, well this feature helps you to see the agenda for you for the rest of the day.
  • You can use Apple Pay via the watch as well. You can use the card info stored in Apple Pay.
  • If you are a fitness freak then this watch is a must buy as workouts from third-party fitness apps will now contribute to your Moves and Exercises for the day.


Apple Watch Fitness_gawkinggeeks


  • The transit feature that appears in the iOS9 is also available in this watch. You can now get walking directions, transportation maps and schedules.


The WatchOS 2 is supposed to be delivered by September but Apple again proves that it’s always worth to wait for things that are worth waiting for.