Stephen Hawking has predicted something that has made many cerebrals all over the globe break out in the cold sweat. What Hawking has forecasted is a robot apocalypse within 100 years. This might remind you of all those Hollywood Sci-Fi that featured war between robots and humans, and robots pushed mankind to brink of extinction such as Matrix, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Terminator. These Sci-Fi might turn into reality as one of greatest intellectual minds alive on the planet has envisioned robots taking over human race within a time span of less than a century.



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One of the world’s most renowned physicist, Stephen Hawking made this prediction at the Zeitgeist 2015 Conference in London and this is not the first time when he has warned people of aftermaths of reckless development in the field of AI. Last year also, he made same remark while arguing that scientists are not taking AI seriously enough and they are not fixating their attention on developing more sophisticated AI. He also accentuated that invention of AI can be the most influential point in history of Homo Sapiens.


“Computer systems will overtake humans with AI at some inside the subsequent 100 years. When that happens , we need to have to make positive the computer systems have ambitions aligned with ours.”

– Stephen Hawking


Stephen Hawking is not the only one with these sentiments; some of the most prominent figures of the century like Elon Musk and Bill Gates also share the same views that AI should be dealt with care or it could mean the termination of mankind.




Artificial Intelligence is a hot potato among tech-buffs all over the world and in the Silicon Valley alone, more than 150 startups have fixated their potential on development of AI, as per reports of FT. Hawking and Elon Musk have inked an open letter stressing on threatening development of AI. Elon Musk has made an investment of $10 Million, so that the development of AI should be in favour of mankind and should not fall in the hands of narcissistic people, totalitarians and power- crazy people.

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