The finalized director of Ready Player One

[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]t was only years ago, Christopher Nolan filled in the director’s chair when Sir Steven Spielberg left it due to some quarrel between his company Dreamworks and Paramount Studios over some contract settlements. Seems like karma and irony have surpirsing ways of coming back at people. Recent speculations were whispering about whether Christopher Nolan will direct another Sci-Fi movie based on a novel related with virtual reality. Seems like none other than Sir Steven Spielberg bagged in the director’s job for that project, who cares anyway they both have almost equal entourage.




Ready Player One, a cult classic novel written by Ernie Cline in 2011, is the crucial subject on which the upcoming Sci-Fi venture is being centered. The story is based in 2044, about a teenager boy Wade Watts, from the slums of Oklahoma spending most of his time in a virtual euphoric paradise known as ‘OASIS‘. The main agenda of the boy is to search for the clandestine ‘Easter Egg‘ whose discoverer will be designated with the entire fortune belonging to the late founder of the OASIS. The key to the game is the excessive awareness of 1980’s pop culture, the person who figures it out without their alias being killed in the process wins.

Spielberg, the unofficial trademark of Sci-Fi movies is coming back into his shoes of adventure and wonders. With a stature of movies like Close Encounter of the Third Kind, ET, Minority Report, he still has a lot to step into for Ready Player One. The production might begin at some point after Spielberg is finished with the forthcoming adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The BFG. This movie also marks the delighting return of the director to Warner Bros since his last venture A.I Artificial Intelligence under the production house. Warner Bros are also pretty psyched about the director’s return.

The obvious question is how will Warner Bros studios implement the virtual reality in the movie and make it believable for the audience, they might find a way to the technology fit for it as they did for The Matrix and Inception. [highlight ]Supposedly, a company named Magic Leap will push the envelope of cinematic experience which is beyond the grasp of 3D technology.[/highlight] The studio bought the rights of the project for producers Donald De Line and Dan Farah. [highlight ]Speculations suggest that Zak Penn, the screenwriter of movies like X-Men The Last Stand and The Avengers will pen down the screenplay of the movie.[/highlight] Will Ready Player One be successful in bringing virtually realistic experience in our lives? If it does, we’ll certainly step into a whole other cinematic universe.