Warning: Reading this could be dicey to your productivity. The Web sites within may detract you from the humdrum tasks in need of your attention and may induce you to goof off for hours instead.




Are you bored with your daily lifeless work or your usual digital customary territory? If yes, then this article is for you.


The internet is not just a mammoth store of information, but it can also help you kill boredom and waste hours of your time while keeping you entertained. There are plenty of sites out there, other than Facebook or YouTube for you to waste myriad of hours.


We have collected the list of few of the best time-wasting sites on the web for you. Have a look!


1. Kongregate




If you like playing games, then this website is your next home. Kongregate is one of the best gaming portals in the market. It has thousands of free online games, so you’ll surely be able to find something to suit your fancy.


2. Paul Neave




You will never get bored with this website. This online abode of interactive designer Paul Neave is a fount of engaging Flash applications and games. It has a collection of interactive tools, toys, arts and many other small apps.


3. Omegle




If you need to vent for some time, this is the place to do it. You can interact with total strangers in the strange new world of Omegle. This amazing site pops you into a one-to-one chat room with a random person every time, and you don’t know where the conversation may take you.


4. Slashdot




Slashdot is the godfather of all tech time-wasters. Following their goal to deliver “news for nerds”, Slashdot posts an abound of geeky information, integrated with snarky comments and community discussion.


5. InstaNerd




What could be a better way to waste time while keep on giving yourself a dose of awesome facts and trivia? InstaNerd is here to give you thousands of facts that are very strange in nature. So, what are you waiting for?


6. StumbleUpon




StumbleUpon is like having a handheld remote control of the internet where you can just flip through website after website. It is a content discovery tool personalised according to your personal interests. If you haven’t visited the site, you’ll be overwhelmed and impressed— by what you have found.


7. Uncyclopedia


Ever wondered what Wikipedia would look like in one of those alternate universes where everything is completely opposite? Then this website is for you. Uncyclopedia is the anti-wiki, bringing people together for the sake of falsehood.




8. BestShockers


Best Shockers is the world’s largest repository containing photos and videos intended to be abusive, brutal and shocking for most viewers. Most people view the content as a challenge from their friends, or they will just show it to their friends to laugh at their reactions. All together it’s a great fun.




9. Bubole




Bubole is a gut-busting monster builder game. It is very straightforward, you just have to create a weirdo and make it fight with monsters created by other players. The humorous sound effects and typography are nice touch which will definitely make you smile.


10. The Useless Web




What better way to end the list of web sites to kill time than with a website about useless websites? Find more amazing websites like the ones on this list with this website that brings different website every time you click the button.


Did we miss out your favourite website that deserves to be on the list? Leave a comment and let us know.

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