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Top 5 Safety Apps for Women?

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In present scenario when crimes against women are on rise, cellphones can be a potential weapon in preventing violence against women. Everyone carries their mobiles all the time, be it while travelling, shopping, or anywhere else. Therefore, many apps are available on the app stores which can come handy in extreme situations. Almost all of the apps are free, few might have premium version. It’s better to have these apps installed on your smartphone than any other app of the month.

1. VithU: V Gumrah Initiative

This app is initiative of V Gumrah crime show. If you press smartphone’s power button continously 2 times, then automatically alert message will be sent from your cellphone to your close ones that you feed into the app as designated receivers every 2 minutes continuously. Receiver will get message and a link of your updated location.




This app was developed to pay respect to the brave heart of New Delhi and to avert the kind of adversity that Nirbhaya and her whole family had to go through. This app sends an emergency call and message to the contacts specified in the app, along with the Correct location of user to the receiver. This app has some basic prerequisites like active Data Plan, SMS and Talktime Plan and Active GPS.




3. I’m Shakti 

This app is initiative by Notion Ink for Women Safety. If you press power button 5 times continuously within a time span of 2 seconds, a pre-set emergency message will be sent to some pre-selected contacts.

This app, in my opinion has an upper hand due to the facilities it offers during adversities, like sending your approximate latitude and longitude using mobile operator network. If both or either of them is switched on then it will send more meticulous co-ordinates.




4. Pukar

This newly launched (28 feb, 2015) app also has some great features. This apps connects to your close ones and local police in case of emergency. When user is in trouble just by pressing the SOS button you can send emergency message to your pre-chosen contacts and GPS location to local police (in selected cities). Few great features are that phone becomes silent, Brightness is reduced, GPS starts functioning.



5. Raksha: Women Safety Alert

This is another very powerful app for women safety. It sends an emergency SMS to your near and dear ones in a click of a button. Location alert is sent by pressing volume button without opening Raksha app. It sends SMS with location even if internet is not switched on. If app is not switched on then just by pressing volume button three times, it will alert all the contacts stored by user.



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