Today, one of the peculiar obstacles that we tend to face while using a smartphone is its Battery Backup. But, that’s no more an issue and the most fascinating part is its solution i.e. Fuel Cells. World’s smallest Fuel Cell titled Jaq has been launched by the company named MyFC. It uses Fuel Cell Technology, mixture of salt and water to charge the gadgets. Fuel Cells have been used in cars from a very long time but it’s a very unique notion when it comes to the Mobile Sector.

MyFC was established in the year 2005 as an outgrowth of Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology has concentrated their whole potential in innovating such consumer friendly fuel products. This gadget is also based on the principle of the company as it uses fuel cells as energy source that produces only water and heat as by-products. It is a great gadget for environmental buffs as it uses the mixture of salt and water to generate electricity instead of using conventional direct power supply.


The Jaq comprises of two units: A Micro-USB cable socket in a rubberised sleeve to attach it into your gadget and a cartridge encompassing salt and water which slips into the rubberised sleeve. Each slender cartridge is essentially a 2,400 mAh battery. These cartridges are not reusable. It’s a use and throw kind of product. The fuel plate is manufactured from the eco-friendly material so we can dispose it off comfortably. The Jaq is available in three eye-catching colors, and you can single out from five totally different colors of fuel cells.

Next up is the cost it’s gonna come in the pack will price around $99 and one cartridge is gonna cost $2 approximately. Also, the company is going to sell the product in pouches of 9 units for $10 roughly.


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