Here are the most popular, spectacular shows that ruled the Internet and TV.

Game Of Thrones


The Crusade of eminent families Stark, Lannister, Baratheon and the Targaryens and their quest to cease and hold the throne of Westros along with other houses Greyjoy, Tully, Arryn,Tyrell, Bolton and Martell. This saga taught us some cruel lessons in it’s very first season, most important among those lessons was that “life isn’t a fable”. The most unique part of this show is it’s exclusivity, hardly in the history of television the most loved and followed characters in a show have been killed so barbarously. Even it’s a fantasy show, it keeps the audience head deep in the ground without the slightest silver lining of “Good conquering of evil” here only the “powerful conquers the weak”. This show will eventually teach you to restrict from falling for a character and embrace the anxiety of living in a cruel place like Westros. It’s a show based on the series of novel A Song of Ice and Fire written by George R R Martin who’s so dead bound for his craft that he took upto 24 years to complete 5 of the series books and two are yet to come, such is the nature of an epic.

Breaking Bad


The story of an underdog transforming into a monarch. An over qualified and underpaid chemistry teacher diagnosed of stage three cancer pushes the limit of a typical and conventional life to a more life on the edge to earn enormous amount of money for his family’s bright and stable future by embarking drug and crime to his career. He gets along with a rookie and meth junkie to start mass production of crystal methamphetamine, but gets into a huge predicament of facing established criminal lords who use to be pioneers before he came, and also his own Drug Enforcement Administration’s Assistant Special Agent  brother in law ,he soon adapts a name ‘ Heizenberg’ for his drug entourage. Vince Gilligan quest of making one of the most Bad-ass show ever gave birth to the most sublime actors and characters like Gustavo Fring, Jesse Pinkman, Hank Schrader, Mike Ehrmantraut and eventually he won a lot of Emmy awards for that.



Sherlock Holmes , a cunning and cocky consulting detective pairs up with former Afghan war veteran Dr Watson to solve an unpatterned series of bewildering and peculiar crimes to ultimately confront and conquer the devil himself going by the name Moriarty. Each and every episode keeps you hooked with the ecstasy and pace of the crime mysteries reckoning.When two unstoppable and indestructible forces like Moriarty and Sherlock collide it’s outcome is nothing less than a tornado hitting a volcano, destroying everything in it’s path.The unbeatable intellect of Sherlock soon leads himself into his downfall, the series portrays the ‘rising above all odds nature’ of the character Sherlock. This show marks the inspirations driven form brilliant writings of Arthur Conan Doyle during the late 1800 and early 1900 century.

True Detective


Louisiana State Police Detectives Rust Cohle and Martin Hart revisit a homicide case they were working on during 1995. As the investigation unravels in the current timelines during separate interrogations, they come to know the serial killer of the 90’s wasn’t actually dead but has resurfaced to keep on what he started .The two former detectives narrate their story of the investigation, in this desperate attempt to solve the most scandalous ritualistic murders of the era they pull in their efforts and leave behind the antagonism among them for the last time. This reckoning brings about some unexpected and unnoticed incidents and characters into frame which went easily out of sight and henceforth out of mind .Actors Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson along with creator Nic Pizzolatto delivered one of the most dark, gloomy, mystical and thrilling shows of all time.

The X-Files (first few seasons )t

The cerebral story of FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully seeking answers for unsolved and unbelievable paranormal activities which were protected by the US government as top secrets. This shows deals with almost all the conspiracies,from space crafts rebuild from UFO’s to time vanishing, from vampires to The Post-Modern Prometheus and alien abductions etc. The show was so persistent over the story line about the presence of alien life on Earth, which eventually had to reach a point where it absolutely made no sense. The X-Files became so concentrated over that story line that the audience eventually had to get bored of it, that’s where the downfall happened. But still the first few seasons and many episodes marks the brilliant and vast mind of the creator of the series Chris Carter. All in all X files was the best show of its era, a mysterious, spooky show that tried a lot of distinguished things and succeeded at most of them.

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