Tim Cook is ready to take 2015 by a storm with a wave of improved range of existing and brand new products waiting to launch. Now halfway through the year, we bring you a gist of all that has happened and all that is yet to come in the world of Apple. We are looking at all the major happenings in and around Apple that have made and have the potential to make it to the front pages of tech tabloids in this year. With the mixed reception of it’s iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 in 2014, Apple has left the field wide open for a major comeback. Can it rise up to the challenge?


So, here we are with the 5 best things that Apple has to offer in the year 2015-


The list includes products that have already been well received and those which are expected to rock the show later this year.


1. The Apple Watch



Image Credits: www.knowyourmobile.com


Status: Released

Claimed by Apple to be its “Most Personal Device Ever”, the Apple Watch has kept enthusiasts waiting its September 2014 reveal. Available in 9 countries since April 24, 2015, the Apple Watch is the latest contender in the SmartWatch market. It seems from the CNet Review here that Apple hasn’t once more tipped the scale in favor of style rather than functionality. Most of its sales may be the result of the hype and expectations after the failure of the Microsoft Band; but still  The Watch comes with promises of becoming the lifestyle necessity smartwatches are supposed to be. For all the reasons you shouldn’t buy an Apple Watch though, check out Aman‘s critical review here.


2. The all-new MacBook


image credits: www.cnet.com


Status: Released

Taking the traditional “thinner than the last” motto of Apple devices further; the shock-revealed new MacBook is what macworld.uk has claimed to be “what you get if you cross the iPad with a MacBook Air“. It is sleek, it is stylish and it has only one USB-C port. Yup, just that, nothing else; because that’s the point of USB-C. To read a better and more elaborate review of the new MacBook, click here.


3. iPad Plus/ iPad Pro



Image Credits: www.iclarified.com


Status: Rumored

The fabled 12-inch tablet by Apple may be on the verge of materializing already. Some say it is aimed at enterprises and professionals; some say it’ll be for the benefit for North America’s education market. One thing is for sure though, a device of this cadre is not likely to be a consumer favorite. Still there is no need to worry looking at the success of Microsoft Surface Pro 3. As of the software features, the new iPad is expected to be able to run split-screen multitasking on a hybrid iOS platform. Which “…when paired with a Bluetooth keyboard may be a real alternative to the MacBook…“.


4. Apple TV


Image Credits: www.anandtech.com


Status: Upgrade Speculated

Unlike what most tech sites will have you believe, it is a long shot to believe that Apple will be coming out with an original television set any time soon; but it is safe to expect a major upgrade to be announced for its media streaming device Apple TV. It has been noted that Apple has failed to capitalize on the growing popularity of this set top box fashioned model, and as a result have not offered any substantial improvements since the last 2 years. Rumors are rife that the Worldwide Developers Conference 2015 will bring about some major tweaks to Apple TV. Some of them are: video game support, 4k display, integrated App store using HomeKit, and some new channels.


5. iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 Plus


Image Credits: www.youtube.com


Status: Rumored

With the iPhone 6 already two-thirds of a year old, there is some major hype about seeing the next big step in the most popular consumer product by Apple. Majority of the experts believe that the success of the “Phablet” design is something Apple will build upon in the next upgrade. Other expected hardware improvements include an upgraded rear camera, an improved chip, wireless charging capabilities, etc. We might even get an integrated Beats Music app. Maximum number of changes are expected to be internal.




Low App Pricing in India

While Turkey, South Africa, South Korea and Mexico will be experiencing a rise in app prices, Indian developers will have the freedom to offer their apps for prices as low as 10 INR. Click here to read more.


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