Microsoft might revolutionize the world of computing with its very new gadget, Microsoft HoloLens which harnesses the power of Holographic Computing. With HoloLens, Microsoft is going to improvise how we see the world or we can say, it will give us freedom to analyse from a completely different angle, that will let us comprehend things better and faster with less room for mistakes, which we want to minimize to zero in fields where human lives are at stake that may be medicine, armed forces or any other.

HoloLens is basically a Headset or a hybrid wearable based on holographic computing or you can say it is a holographic computer itself. It does not require any PC connection. It is untethered and wireless, which gives you freedom to walk and work, not binding you to any office seat.




In the recent video released by Microsoft in partnership with Case Western Reserve University, they gave a demo on how HoloLens can transform the world. Two and a half minute video featured doctors and students studying anatomy and discussing various aspects of how this gadget can remodel the whole structure of teaching anatomy and other medicine subjects at the global level to make it better and more productive in the coming years.



Microsoft just gave an indication on how it can be put to use in education but it depends on our imagination and creativity on how we exploit Holographic Computing. We can use it in every field where we use computers today, that concludes in almost each and every sector.



Researchers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory are also going to make use of same technology and investigate the red planet using holograms sent by Mars Rover. It will be like as they are walking on the surface of Mars, which will help scientists to explore at a rate faster than ever before.

The only major limitation observed was abated field of view as compared to naked eyes, but let’s hope that Microsoft overcomes that issue. Microsoft HoloLens seems to be quite promising but you might not be able to get your hands on it in near future, but it is something worth waiting for.

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