Ever wondered that you’ll be able to  see a Windows OS on an Android device? Well, Microsoft is aiming to make that happen. Microsoft with Redmond Company is running trials on Android devices.

Some selective users of Xiaomi Mi4 will be able to download and install a full ROM pack to try out the features of Windows via MIUI forum.

Microsoft has created this custom ROM which will change Android OS once and for all much like the CyanogenMod, which is still densely based on stock Android. Microsoft’s ROM will be based on Windows 10. When user is finished updating to Windows OS, the phone will be restarted with an Operating System which will have all the features and applications of Windows 10 including the looks, without any relic of Android. No claims of the exact Windows 10 experience have been made, nonetheless it’ll be quite indistinguishable.




This will make the persistent Android users to have a glimpse of Windows 10 and relay their feedbacks to Xiaomi and Microsoft, maybe this is the prototype stage for project that anticipates to reach vast production and consumption.

By making the custom built ROM for devices, Microsoft has rather made an intriguing surge, which allows the OS to spread across a wide range of Smart Phones saving all the fuss of waiting for phone manufacturers to make their own Windows Phones.

The only purpose of this collaboration between Microsoft and Xiaomi is to introduce variety of choices to the users, many users want this custom ROM system so as to help themselves to install apps that are otherwise restricted by the official Google PlayStore.

It might seem as an unnecessary switch, I mean who wants to part ways with Android. But if given the right User Interface, improved app ecosystem and better synergy between Windows 10 desktop and mobile devices, people will be encouraged to switch and give it a shot.




This initiative is nothing but a giant leap of faith for Microsoft as it will allow the company to gain the knowledge of the user requirements and market challenges. If the custom ROM system remains free, it might be a prospective win for Microsoft as people might remain interested in trying the OS instead of bluntly discarding it .

The Forum people are conducting polls and getting good reaction from the masses, meaning a lot of people actually want to try it out.


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