Alt+Ctrl+Del : Big Mistake says Bill Gates

We all have used this combination of Alt+ Ctrl+ Del, when we hit the dead end while using Windows. This combo is the solution to every problem whether some program is not responding, or we want to get out of a program. It also exists in Windows 8 and is used to lock the screen or access the task manager.

During an interview given at Harvard Fundraising Campaign, [highlight ]Gates admitted that using the three key combination was a mistake[/highlight], that could have been avoided by just adding a single key that would do the same work as these three keys are doing. The combination of Alt+ Ctrl+ Del, also known as the three finger salute is being used from early phases of Windows till date. [highlight ]Bill Gates has blamed IBM keyboard designer for not designing a single button as an alternative to the combination of these three keys.[/highlight] The combo was invented for basic security purposes and to reboot the system.


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The IBM engineer, David Bradley was the one who designed the keyboard and didn’t provide a single key alternative to the combo. It might be the most troublesome shortcut in Windows as you have to put your both hands to use and also need to be extra careful while using so that you do not press any other key that is generally a typical mess which beginners have to face.

At the end of the day, Alt+ Ctrl+ Del is an integral part of our lives and we have very well adapted to this combination. But it would have been quiet good if we have to just press just one key instead of using the three finger salute.

Now-a-days Bill Gates has started making more public appearances than he used to. Below is the video of Bill Gates at the Harvard Fundraising Program talking about the misstep of inventing Alt+ Ctrl+ Del.


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