top google search without backlinks

How to Top Google Search without Backlinks?

Being in the top 5 of Google Search Results may seem like a dream but could be achieved, in about 3 to 6 months without even relying on those costly backlinks.


Crawlers are now sensible enough to make you sweat and post original “text” content rather than buying backlinks. People used to go to websites and pay them money for a Backlink. This practice disturbed the algorithm of search results and websites with great capital ended up being on the top. It was demanded that websites with relevant content should come on the top otherwise the whole purpose of being “Google” will get defeated. So Google is now working on relevancy according to content more than anything else

1: Optimize your Website

Optimise your webpage using best practices for quicker loading, and make it Mobile-Friendly. Doing this helps the crawler know that your website is user-friendly, they won’t waste their time looking for the information they want. On top of that, it shows that you are working on high-quality delivery all around.

top google search without backlinks

2: Fix Broken Links

Fix site issues including broken links using Google Search Console or any other tool of your choice as these issues Penalise your website heavily. Google doesn’t want to show their users the result of a website which won’t even load the page. You may go way back in the search results if this issue persists.

3: Only Use Long Tail Keywords

If your website was so amazing that it could rank for a 1 – 2 word keyword, you wouldn’t have been here in the first place. Now that you are seeking our guidance here are some steps to follow for your keywords:

  • Start from extensive Keyword/Keyphrase research using Google Keyword Planner/SEM Rush/Yoast SEO etc.
  • Convert Short Tail Keywords to Long-Tail Keyphrases according to SERP results.
  • Eg: Short Tail – “Old Car”, Long Tail – “Cheap old car in Chandigarh”.
  • Shortlisting of 10 – 15 long-tail keyphrases according to search volume, competition, and categories of the website’s content and use them according to your niche (With variations).
  • Shortlist keyphrases for each category and list them as sub keyphrases- 5 for each category.
  • Never repeat a keyword for a single domain.

4: Use HTML Tags with Precision

Never overlook the Alt Tag as it is easier to rank for images rather than other results. Use the same keyword you are using to rank that webpage. Keep doing this for some times and witness the success.

H1 Title should have the exact keyword in addition to the essence of your content, so that you qualify for being at the top of the result and also offer insight to the user for a better CTR (Improving Click Through Rate is a topic for some other day).

5: Optimise Meta Description and Permalink

Your meta description is a bird’s eye view of your whole web page. If you are not able to give the information about the query of a user, he/she will click on some other link with a better snippet. Include your keyword and highlight what unique information you are offering.

The permalink should also speak the exact same language of your keywords, which makes your Title, Alt Tag, URL having the same keyword for the relevance of the results.

6: Post Well Researched and Informative Content to top google search without backlinks

Content is the King and you are the Kingmaker

Amanpreeet Singh
top google search without backlinks

Bombard your website with original, informative content with Citations, at least two articles a day ( More than 600 words each). Both the quality and quantity matter. If you are able to sustain this activity and you are not even doing any SEO, Google will pick you up for your undivided attention and effort to offer quality to the readers.

Quality content has the power to throw you on the top and keep you there till the time you don’t betray the trust and stop posting good content.

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7: Forget Backlinks and Move on with your Content

Marketers shout out for backlinks as it helps them earn more money. Google has discredited backlinks, you should understand that these black hat practices will end up penalizing you and you will lose all your money for nothing.

Backlinks work, but they only do when coming from the higher domain authority website. Publish top-notch content to be in the top 5 of Google Search Results without working on backlinks and observe those websites linking without even reaching out.