Director Joss Whedon has a reputation to live up to, with his massive entertainers like Buffy : The Vampire Slayer, space sci-fi flick Serenity and one of the highest grossing comic based movies ‘The Avengers Assemble‘. What he did with the 2012 epic, he must have a lot in store for us. We did see a glimpse of the potential bad guys of another Marvel movie in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. But their role in Age of Ultron was something uncalled for.Here’s a potential Age of Ultron Synopsisvlcsnap-error390

Through Agents of Shield it’s eminent that Tony Stark has privatized S.H.I.E.L.D .Supposedly the Stark tower showcased in the Avengers will be holding the remains of S.H.I.E.L.D which was destroyed in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it’ll also become a head quarters for the team as well as a central hub for global security. Tony Stark might also develop an army of drones identical to those featured in Iron Man 3, so as to keep the peace as he can’t save everything alone.j

To symbolize the Avengers Initiative as a team, Stark also designs suits with ‘A’ marked on them indicating Avengers logo. Hulk has been given stretchy pants to prevent exposure of his massive ‘you know what’, Black Widow has been given shock enabled batons forcing her enemies into submission and Hawkeye will have a jacket to hide some tricks up his long sleeves .h

The opening scene might be dedicated to the mission of vanquishing Hydra’s Baron Von Strucker, who’s currently possessing Loki’s scepter .The Avengers reunion will save us from the unwanted and saturating process of powerful people trying to work together as team as it did play out in its prequel, instead they’ll unite forces to defeat Baron von Strucker once and for all .They’ll also be fighting against the meta-human/mutant twins Quick Silver (ability to run really fast) and Scarlett Witch (ability to manipulate objects and also human, you could see her manipulating Black Widow in the trailer).sc

The quarrel between the twins and the Avengers  is still unclear but if rumors and speculations are to be believed , the twins have soul animosity against Tony Stark for building a weapon that killed their parents. We might be probably witnessing three Ultron Showdown, hence the name ‘Age of Ultron’. The Artificial Intelligent confidant of Tony Stark, J.A.R.V.I.S might be getting an upgrade allowing him to have a bodily form know called as Vision. He’ll present himself as secret weapon in the final act of the movieja

Note-This article is just a probable theory based on Comics facts, and it does claim to have any actuality whatsoever in it.


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